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Is there any event more stressful and emotionally draining as planning the final arrangements for someone we hold dear? No. The loss of a loved one is unbearable; especially, if your loved one did not complete any pre-planning before they passed away. In the event you find yourself planning a loved one’s final arrangements, you will likely want to turn to a professional to help guide you through the motions.  

EJ Fielding Funeral Home has guided countless families in the Metairie, LA, area through this process for generations, and we will proudly do the same for you. Decades of experience in our family-owned and operated after-care business has allowed us to arrange all kinds of ceremonies: traditional funerals, burials, cremations with individualized memorial services, celebration of life ceremonies, in-home gatherings, outdoor Veteran services, etc. Your loved one deserves a ceremony as unique as his or her life—and we will make that happen for you.

Is this your first time planning a memorial or funeral service? Whether this is your first time or not, our staff would like to offer the following 4 Tips for Planning a Memorial or Funeral Service for Your Loved One:

1. Decide on the type of service you want
Even if your loved one never mentioned what he/she wanted for a funeral or memorial service, even if they never pre-planned or left any instructions, you know them well. Over the years your loved one may have mentioned—indirectly—his/her like and dislikes. Try to choose whichever option you feel most aligns with his/her specific beliefs and wishes. This could mean anything from a traditional ceremony to a non-traditional celebration with music and activities.

2. Choose a date
You may need to choose a few different dates, depending on whether your loved one is to be cremated, buried, or entombed in a mausoleum. Are there family members living in another state or out of the country? Considering others’ travel time/options is a significant consideration. Also, some families still follow the visitation tradition 2-3 days prior to the funeral/memorial service.

3. Choose the location(s)
Where was a special location for your loved one? Perhaps they attended the same church all their life—this is a perfect option. Perhaps he or she was a Veteran and was a regular attendee at the local VFW—we would be honored to make arrangements there. It’s most important to consider your loved one’s beliefs and beloved sites, as well as how many guests you expect to attend, and we will work together to make a lovely service.

4. Iron out the details
Don’t feel overwhelmed; we will guide you through “things to think about” and other details. Considerations:

-          Special music

-          Pictures

-          Specified guest attire (for example, did your loved one adore the color red or was he or she a sports fan? Why not request guests wear red details or jerseys?)

-          A memorial video or special videos from your loved one’s lifetime

-          Decorations and flowers

-          Timeframe with each date (visitation, service, burial, etc.)

-          Readings and favorite religious passages (if applicable)

-          Special honors for certain family members or friends

-          Activities

-          Special guests

-          Food—catered, potluck style, buffet, even a BBQ

There is no standard you must follow. Our professional staff is honored to support you—however traditional or non-traditional you decide to go. Funerals and memorial services provide a collective space for friends and family to gather, mourn, laugh, remember, and begin the preliminary stages of healing. Here are some creative ideas to further personalize and honor your loved one:

Create an interactive display
Most funerals include a guest book. And, if this is something you also want to include, we will be happy to display whatever you choose. (Note: need help finding one? Ask our friendly staff to assist!). There are many other options beyond the traditional guestbook, though. Invite your guests to write heartfelt memories on small notecards to include in a “memory jar.” Or, you can display a large board for survivors to inscribe handwritten notes, encouragement, and memories. Also, you could request guests bring photos to gift the spouse/children with dates and notes written on the back describing the photo to be laid out during the gathering for all to see.

Consider offering your guests a keepsake so everyone has something to hold onto. Examples: passing out seed packets of his or her favorite plant or flower, a photo of your loved one on a special day, an inscribed rock from their favorite place, etc.

Non-traditional spins
You don’t have to stick to a traditional presentation if it doesn’t feel right. Adorn the casket with quotes, photos, or even race car memorabilia. Divide the ashes into lockets to share. Whatever feels right.

For a beautiful and unique memorial service to commemorate your passed loved one, consult the professionals at EJ Fielding Funeral Home. We are here for you.

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