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Planning a service for a passed loved on is one of the most trying experiences any of us will ever go through. Regardless of the circumstances or however anticipated the loss was or was not—death is an excruciating experience for the friends and family left to mourn. What’s more, in the weeks and months to follow is an unavoidable process to face and work through: reaching out to friends and family members, coworkers and acquaintances to communicate the arrangements for services, budgeting, etc.

The staff here at EJ Fielding Funeral Home wants to help alleviate as much stress as possible. We can support you through this painful time and we have the experience and empathy you need to guide you through this loss and final arrangements in the Mandeville, LA, area.

Why choose a ceremonial service?

Sometimes, the question regarding why a ceremony should be held at all arises—why hold a ceremony? Grief and shock can make the idea of coordinating and repeating details agonizing, overwhelming to the survivors of the deceased. This is understandable. Based on our years of experience, however, we have learned just how deeply significant the act of a ceremony becomes. Coming together and experiencing an element of closure is a healthy first step in the healing process. Sometimes, witnessing the level of care and support from your loved one’s network can serve as a comfort to the bereaved. In the wake of a tragedy, a funeral or some type of ceremonial get-together fills three important needs:

-    It provides a respectful tribute to the life of the deceased. This allows the grieving a place to acknowledge the death, celebrate the life, and cultivate a network of support among the survivors.

-    It gently guides the family and friends through the five stages of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance).

-    It ensures, in years to come, there will not be regret in the decision not to organize a final farewell.

Services Provided at EJ Fielding

Because after-death care is such a sensitive topic, the kind and professional staff here at EJ Fielding have thought of everything. Commemorative ceremonies are intended to be as unique as the people they represent. We know the importance of gathering. At EJ Fielding, we offer these services:

-    Funeral services: coming together provides the bereaved an opportunity to find comfort, express emotions, and share memories. Here, you can celebrate the choices they made and the relationships you shared.

-    Permanent memorialization: this is simply a dedicated place for family and friends to connect and remember their loved one. Examples: cemetery, mausoleum, or cremation garden. Remember, a permanent place to visit helps in maintaining the connection with your loved one. 

-    Cremation: this only refers to the manner in which your loved one has chosen to deal with the physical remains. This can be combined with any funeral or memorial service of your choosing.

-    Burial services: choose any structure, from following tradition with a viewing to a more relaxed environment in your own home.

-    Online grief support: counseling services, group grief support, and interactive videos are available to you anytime, 24/7. Get to know our Executive Counseling Director here:

-    Grief support resources: sometimes your friends and family are not enough to relieve the grief you feel. At EJ Fielding, we offer the following aftercare grief sessions:

o    Center for Loss & Transition

o    GriefNet

o    National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization

-    365 days of grief support via email: messages of hope, affirmation, and healing are delivered to your email inbox every day. These small doses of comfort have proven to be very helpful for our clients.

Why EJ Fielding?

Our years of experience have made EJ Fielding one of the leading providers of after-death care in and around Mandeville, LA. Our owners and staff have huge hearts for the people in this community and decades of experience. Our trained professionals are attentive, organized, and thoughtful. We make it a point to go above and beyond to ensure this unpleasant time is as easy as possible for the family and friends of the deceased and we are here to support you and gently guide you through the process of healing. At EJ Fielding, we want you to know we will alleviate your burden and support you through the many details so you can focus on the important things: family, adjusting, and grieving.

Please know we understand how vital it is to allow yourself time to acknowledge the exceptionality of your loved one’s life and the impact he or she had on others. Memorializing life is our specialty. Whenever it is you do need us, our staff at EJ Fielding Funeral Home will be there for you.

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