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Designing your own funeral or memorial service is a relatively new concept to most. This is not a new process, but it has gained traction in recent years due to a cultural shift toward openness around death and after-death care. This shift is a move in a positive direction.

Because the burden of planning, communicating, honoring, and overseeing the deceased’s final wishes is very overwhelming, more and more people are opting to preemptively design their own final arrangements to ease the burden on their loved ones when the time comes. Here at EJ Fielding Funeral Home, our primary goal is to guide you through the process of designing your own after-death care. No one will be as pragmatic and resolved as you, planning for you. What a gift for your loved ones!

Why design your own funeral with EJ Fielding?
As we mentioned, no one will be as pragmatic in their approach to your funeral as you will be. And, over the years, we have discovered many convincing reasons for Madisonville, LA, residents to plan ahead:

Avoided family strain: unfortunately, when a family is left to plan the final arrangements for their passed loved one, there are often hurt feelings, heightened emotions in the way of practical decision-making, and confusion over “what he/she would want.” These are avoidable conflicts you can easily lift off of your family in the event you should pass before them.

Affordability: why leave the associated costs to your grieving loved ones if you can avoid passing on this specific financial burden? Or, if you are unable to cover the costs (through life insurance or otherwise) of your intended services, why not outline affordable options through EJ Fielding so your loved ones find themselves obligated to less than they may feel required to do for you? Further, we can discuss payment options together.

Peace of mind: for yourself and your family. When services are pre-arranged, everyone benefits.

Your wishes, honored: your loved ones will know exactly your wishes for after-death services

What you don’t want: perhaps you do not want an open casket, or you dislike the idea of cremation—together, we will ensure these things are off the table when you pass.

Protection from cost inflation: when you pre-pay, your prices are guaranteed and locked in for the future, regardless of market or specific price increases.

A plan wherever you go: that’s right—wherever you reside in the US at the time of death is within the network of our transfer program. You or your family can designate another funeral home to provide your after-death services and care. Any funds paid are transferrable.

Ceremony by design
Everyone is different, as are the ways in which we choose to celebrate and memorialize. For example, few birthdays are alike. Weddings all have their own unique flare. Baby showers, baptisms, graduations…all major life changes are accompanied by personalized ceremonies. Funerals and memorial services are just as important and unique. You choose. Do you want a religious or spiritual ceremony? What about music—should there be any and if so, which songs? Is there someone in your life you’d love to have sing or share stories? Is a traditional setting your style or would you prefer to have everyone gather at a local watering hole or personal residence? Should there be a casket and would you like it open or open only for close family to view? Are you a Veteran or a Veteran’s spouse and do you want all the rites and rituals from your/their branch of military included? Should people gift flowers or donations to your next-of-kin or a charity close to your heart? Would you like a video of your life played or what about requesting all attendees to wear a certain garment in your honor? You design, we accomplish.

The role of the funeral home
Plainly stated, our role is to co-plan and carry out a meaningful service you would want; one uniquely designed to honor your life, your memories, your relationships, and your legacy.  Our role, too, is to advise you to the best of our abilities. Grief is hard enough for the survivors. Planning your final arrangements does not have to burden your loved ones; you can ensure they are free to mourn and heal and support one another without making terribly difficult logistics decisions on your behalf. It is our privilege to carry out your wishes regardless of our own personal, spiritual, or familial beliefs—your wishes will be honored and followed precisely.

At EJ Fielding Funeral Home, we will provide your family and loved ones with the memorable experience you intend for them in the wake of your passing. Remember: designing your own final arrangements is a gift to those you may leave behind in the event of your passing. What an incredible, selfless act of love. Give us a call when you are ready—we look forward to working with you.

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