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The number of people choosing to include cremation as one of their end-of-life services is on the rise. If you are a care provider, a trusted advisor or family member to someone needing final arrangements, or if you are interested in pre-planning for your future, we welcome the opportunity to speak with you about our services.

At EJ Fielding Funeral Home near Kenner, LA, our goal is to make sure you feel comfortable with the service(s) you choose for yourself or for your loved one. It is our experience clients have the most questions regarding cremation, so we have organized a Frequently Asked Questions list just for you.

What is cremation?
Cremation refers specifically to the manner in which the physical remains are handled after death. It is the process of reducing down the body to ashes and small bone fragments through intense heat. Human ashes are referred to as “cremains.” A typical cremation takes about two to four hours. When complete, the average cremains weigh between 3 and 9 pounds.

Is there a trend toward cremation and why?
Yes. The number of people choosing cremation for themselves or for a loved one is on the rise across the United States. The following list is a snapshot of reasons why:

-          People are dying at older ages and choosing cremation for themselves

-          Demographic and economic factors—families are living more geographically dispersed, therefore the need to be “buried in one’s hometown” is lessening

-           “Scattering” is a continuous act of catharsis, if and when needed

-          Flexible memorial/funeral service options (the arrangement timeline becomes significantly less pressing)

-          Religious restrictions are diminishing

-          Religious difference are diminishing

-          Education levels have risen and continue to rise

-          Environmental concerns (land space running out for cemetery plots)

-          Cremation has become more culturally acceptable

-          Affordability for the budget conscious

-          Greater flexibility in memorialization services

Do I have to go through a funeral home to opt for cremation?
No. Though, choosing a funeral home which offers this service makes it much easier. Some facilities offer direct cremation (meaning they have a crematorium in their facility), while others can connect you with an affiliate or sister-company to handle this for you.

Who can authorize a cremation?

This varies from state to state. If your loved one has left an advance directive or written instructions, the decision is obviously much easier to delegate authorization. In the absence of written instructions or a pre-plan, there is a hierarchy of responsible persons who may authorize a cremation based on their “ranking” as next-of-kin. EJ Fielding will gladly offer guidance if you have any questions regarding the authorization of cremation for your loved one.

Is embalming required?

No, embalming is not required for cremation; however, if you wish to have a traditional, open-casket visitation and/or funeral service prior to cremation, then embalming will be needed. EJ Fielding is fully licensed to provide this to you for your loved one.

So, we can still hold funeral services even after cremation?

Yes, of course. At EJ Fielding, we work with many families who opt to hold traditional and non-traditional visitations, funeral and memorial services, and even celebration gatherings pre- and post-cremation. Should you choose to hold services after cremation—you may take your time to plan the just-right service. We have even coordinated events for families and friends months later; cremation allows this flexibility.

What happens when religious views cause disagreements?

This is tough and this does happen from time to time. Our staff will always advise you to seek counsel from your clergy or a trusted religious expert. We will offer our expertise in helping families to resolve issues which may simply result from the lack of understanding of cremation.

Are cremation and the traditional Catholic approach compatible?

Even though the Pope approved cremation in 1963, some Catholics are still apprehensive. Again, we will advise you to seek formal reassurance from your priest or trusted religious advisor. It has been our experience that families and friends are heartened to learn this practice is acceptable and in accordance with the Catholic faith.

What are the options for use/disposal of the remains?

The choices regarding what to do with your loved one’s cremains are almost limitless. They may be placed in a cemetery or memorial garden, within a columbarium, or buried in the earth. Here are some ideas our clients have chosen for their loved one’s ashes:

-          Scattering (a cathartic ritual with some limitations/regulations depending on location/mode)

-          Retaining in urn or another special receptacle

-          Dividing ashes into keepsakes for multiple survivors (small decorative boxes, lockets, etc.)

-          Burying/planting in home garden memorial

Whatever you decide, EJ Fielding Funeral Home is here to support you. Please give us a call—together, we will design the perfect final arrangements and services for you or your loved one.

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