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One of the most emotionally exhausting experiences we will ever work through is the loss of a loved one. Regardless of the circumstance, no matter if the death was foreseen or sudden—losing someone we hold dear is devastating. In the days to follow there is to be expected an overwhelming set of details to iron out: contacting other family members, friends, coworkers, classmates and alumni, acquaintances; making final arrangements, preparing finances, etc.  

Our staff can help to guide you through this. Collectively, our main objective is to support you during your difficult time and provide resources and solutions for the final arrangements. Here at EJ Fielding Funeral Home, we have kind and experienced staff with the empathy and organization you need to successfully prepare a proper farewell in or near Jefferson, LA.

Discussing funeral or memorial services for a loved one is never easy. More specifically, coming into agreement with other close family members, making collective decisions, managing a budget—these things are difficult, especially when a pre-plan was not set. (For information regarding pre-planning your own after-death care, visit our website here.

We expect your emotions are raw. We expect you will need guidance and kind assurance in the direction you want to go regarding arrangements. And, we expect you to expect a lot from us. Our focus will be to honor your loved one’s wishes, your wishes, and—if you choose to hold a memorial service with a celebratory nature—to honor your loved one’s lifetime achievements.

It’s all about the relationships
Honoring the deceased’s life is all about the value of his/her relationships. We want to help you celebrate that bond and the bonds he/she shared with others! Everyone has a unique family—whether natural, adopted, or created; let’s highlight this uniqueness! Was there a special song you shared together or a special trip you took together? If so, perhaps there are pictures you want to share when you gather together with your loved ones and other survivors. Are there wedding videos you want playing in the background or special garb you would love to see everyone wear to pay homage? It’s all about the relationships.

Tribute videos
This is a common end-of-life tribute. Let us take care of creating a beautiful video collection of photos and home videos precious to you and your loved one. We can and will make copies as keepsakes for family and friends if you so choose.

Personalized printing
At EJ Fielding, we offer Life Tribute memorial bookmarks, service programs, prayer cards, and folders which can all include a favorite poem or photo tribute to your loved one. This is a twist on tradition and can be offered as a keepsake for some or all guests.

Memorial website
We proudly offer this unique tribute option in addition to or in place of the traditional newspaper obituary. Our memorial sites are very well made—not a simple link to photos and memories. In fact, there are Web 2.0 tools for connecting with family and friends to honor your shared loved one with memories, notes, updates, videos, photos, and more.

Live funeral webcasting
EJ Fielding Funeral Home is pleased to offer the newest innovation in funeral and memorial services: live webcasting. This unique and convenient tool allows everyone you love and who was connected to the deceased to take part in the gathering. If you have ever missed a funeral you wished to be at, you know what it feels like to be left out due to schedule, distance, or an unforeseen issue (illness, flight cancellation, etc.). Live webcasting is especially important for family and friends dispersed in different states and countries. The services/ceremony can be viewed live, archived for delayed viewing, or downloaded to a DVD for viewing and as a keepsake.

At EJ Fielding, we want to help you to create the most personalized and unique celebration of life possible, to honor the person you have known and loved and will never forget. In order to do this, we want to get to know him/her through you without overwhelming you. Trust that our staff has the best of intentions and the highest ethics and standards for providing a loving, lovely service set to your specifications. Know that the owner, Edward J. Fielding, is a 5th generation funeral director and embalmer. For more than 45 years, he has cared for families in their greatest time of need and has structured our business and staff around his level of expertise, knowledge, empathy, and organization.

No one knows your loved one better; we understand this. From our hearts to yours: we are deeply sorry for your loss and will make sure your loved one is honored properly, in the manner you envision, and that you and yours are treated with the highest level of care and respect. When you are ready to discuss options, please give EJ Fielding a call or send us an email inquiry.

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