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There are many reasons people choose cremation over traditional after-death arrangements. Choosing cremation is a deeply personal choice and is to be handled with the most care. Whether planning your own services for the future to alleviate the burden on your family and friends (one day), or a planning for a recently passed loved one, the decision to cremate is a highly cathartic and acceptable method of dealing with the physical remains.

It is important to remember, cremation deals only with the physical remains and leaves funeral or memorial services wide open. Here at EJ Fielding Funeral Home, we offer an array of final arrangement options for residents in Folsom, LA. And, over the years, the choice to cremate the physical remains has become more commonplace.

Here are some reasons why:

-          Cremation has become more culturally acceptable

-          Affordability for the budget conscious

-          People are dying at older ages and choosing cremation for themselves

-          Flexible memorial/funeral service options (arrangement deadlines are significantly less pressing)

-          Environmental concerns

-          Greater flexibility in memorialization services

-          Religious restrictions are diminishing

-          Religious difference are diminishing

-          Demographic and economic factors—families are living more geographically dispersed, therefore the need to be “buried in one’s hometown” is lessening

-          Education levels have risen and continue to rise

In fact, according to a study conducted in the early 2000s sponsored within the funeral industry, the five primary reasons why cremation is chosen are as follows, in order:

1.       Cremation saves money (30%)

2.       Cremation saves/conserves land (13%)

3.       Cremation is simpler (8%)

4.       Cremation allows families to have a memento/the body does not go into the ground (6%)

5.       Personal preferences (6%)

What do the surviving loved ones do with the ashes?
Human remains yield anywhere between three to nine pounds of ashes (AKA cremains) which are subsequently scattered, buried, or retained by family or friends (often divided among survivors). In the past decade or more, creative options for the cremains have become popularized:

-          Decorative urn to be kept in the home

-          Included in a piece of jewelry or synthetic gem

-          Stored in an hour glass

-          Used to create artwork

-          Sowed into a memorial garden

-          Stored securely in a columbarium

Where can ashes be scattered?
In reality, what survivors choose to do with the cremains is limitless, aside from certain regulations and laws at national parks, private properties, and environmental codes. Here are some options in which families should practice caution and check with city ordinances before moving forward:

Private property: must have permission from the landowner.

Public spaces: locations such as theme parks and sports facilities disallow the scattering of cremains in most areas; seek permission.

Open water: there are specifications regarding the watercraft’s distance from the shoreline—be sure to you understand the laws. The staff at EJ Fielding can help explain this further. Many people like the idea of scattering ashes at sea but fail to think about just how far out on the open water a watercraft must be before any ashes go overboard. Also, scattering must be reported to the EPA. If on a public ship, permission must be requested in order to abide by sanitation rules and regulations. Note: only organic, biodegradable materials are allowed to be released into the ocean (cremains, flowers, wreaths, etc.); no urns.

National parks: usually this requires a permit and must be scattered 100 yards or more away from public roads.

From the air: there are altitude restrictions in some areas. Our staff can help point you in the right direction for resources if scattering from the air is what you’d like to do for your loved one’s cremains.

Why EJ Fielding Funeral Home?

Years of experience in this industry have made EJ Fielding the leading provider for funeral and memorial arrangements and healing experiences in Folsom, LA. Our staff has a heart for serving the people in this community. We strive to serve you with compassionate support during one of life’s most painful stages: losing a loved one. We want you to know we will do everything we can to lessen your burden so you have the freedom to grieve and draw near your friends and family. Why worry about the meticulous details when you should be adjusting, mourning, and taking care of yourself and those most precious to you? Our goal is to provide families with extraordinary remembrance experiences, care and support, kindness and effectiveness, and tasteful handling throughout the process during our time together.

Do you have more questions regarding cremation services with EJ Fielding Funeral Home? Your questions and any concerns are important to our staff. It would be our privilege to be your family’s trusted resource for cremation and other after-death arrangements. Whenever you are ready to discuss your options—whether for you or a recently passed loved one—give us a call. We look forward to partnering with you. 

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