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Funeral arrangements is never an enjoyable topic; not for anyone. More specifically, funeral arrangement discussions are especially difficult for the loved ones and family members left to make decisions and come to an agreement under the weight of stress and mourning. Managing finances, structuring a timeline, communicating plans to the network of bereaved is particularly difficult to accomplish when we are overwhelmed with emotions and shock—this is simply human nature. While it is true that some individuals spring into action and compartmentalize during high-stress moments, others struggle to function immediately after a loss.

Here at EJ Fielding Funeral Home in Covington, LA, our staff advises the prioritization of pre-planning funeral arrangements to everyone, whenever possible. Why? It is our experience intentionality and planning eases the burden for family members when the time comes. Pre-planning is a gift to your loved ones: relief from the logistics and freedom to grieve properly.

Passing is inevitable

Death is a chapter we will all experience and will all face, personally, at some point in our lives. To many, planning and discussing it before it happens feels scary, pessimistic, and sad. We understand; yes, it does feel odd to discuss such a sad part of our lives. Going over details and wishes, memorial service particulars, and physical remains is a somber, sobering topic. But, this topic does not have to be drug out—let our staff help you to get through it together, quickly, so you can move on, put it behind you, and feel confident that your wishes will be honored by your family and friends and the staff here at EJ Fielding when the time comes.

To plan ahead is to take control

The goal here at EJ Fielding is to commemorate your life in the unique way you deserve; in the way your family needs. Our hope is you will consider, thoughtfully, just what pre-planning is about: ensuring your wishes are known, honored, and attentively carried out. Our commitment to your wishes means:

-    Reduced stress—you will not worry your loved ones will experience disagreement; your wishes are made clear, to be precisely followed.

-    Peace of mind for everyone closely connected to you.

-    Your loved ones know exactly what your wishes are for post-death services; no surprises.

-    Be as picky as you want; whatever is most fitting for you.

-    A lifted burden off of your loved ones.

-    You have helped your family avoid conflict during an emotionally-charged experience.

-    Protection from cost inflation (should you choose to pre-pay)—after your pre-plan is paid in full, the price is guaranteed.

-    EJ Fielding ensures your plan follows YOU. This means your plan will go wherever you go. So, should you reside in another state at the time of your passing, whichever funeral home you or your family chooses to work with, your plan is transferable to any funeral home in the United States.

Why choose EJ Fielding for your after-death pre-planning?

We make it easy for you. This is our profession, but this is not “just a job.” We care about this unique transition in your life. We care about the families in and around Covington. And, we want to lend our expertise and compassion to you and yours. Our team is skilled and ready to link arms with you to plan the best possible memorial or funeral services for your final arrangements so you can move on and live a life free from worry about the “what ifs.” There are tough decisions to be made, yes; but lean on us—we will guide you through a step-by-step process and address the tough aspect, so your family does not have to. Together, we will go over:

-    Budget: final arrangements, funerals, and memorial services are collectively a multi-billion dollar industry in the United States. That’s because after-death care can easily become expensive, especially when quick decisions are made under duress. Pre-planning allows us to thoroughly go through options together, in private. Consider this: a family member or loved one without your clearly defined wishes will feel internal pressure to “select the best; buy the best” out of their love for you and grief over your passing. Together, let’s make practical, loving decisions to alleviate this.

-    Cemetery lot location

-    Casket type

-    Cremation urn

-    Vault or sectional crypt

-    Type of service: military, religious, non-denominational, fraternal, etc.

-    Contacts to be notified

-    Procurement of your will: your executor will need this—tucked away in a safety deposit box could mean it’s untouched (and un-honored) for months.

-    Select speakers for eulogies

-    Designate recipients of donations

-    Contact details for another funeral home to care for you

Pre-planning is about living well, now. It is about caring for your loved ones and ensuring the burden of your final arrangements is removed from their plate. If you have any further questions, we would be honored to meet with you to discuss. Please call us today at (985) 892-9222.