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Unfortunately, many believe choosing cremation services takes away from the possibility of holding a proper funeral or memorial service for their deceased loved one. This is untrue and our staff at EJ Fielding Funeral Home want to encourage families and residents in the Bush, LA, to learn just a bit about what it means to choose this after-death option.

For starters, it is important to understand that cremation services deal only with the method of handling the physical remains of the deceased. Choosing to cremate does not mean survivors cannot gather and hold a ceremony, it does not mean there are no options for visitation rituals in the future (as with traditional burials), and it does not mean there is some level of disrespect to the deceased at all.

Let’s begin with reasons why you may choose to cremate the remains of your deceased loved one:

-          People are dying at older ages and choosing cremation for themselves

-          Flexible memorial/funeral service options (the arrangement timeline becomes significantly less pressing)

-          Environmental concerns (land space running out for cemetery plots)

-          Cremation has become more culturally acceptable

-          Affordability for the budget conscious

-          Greater flexibility in memorialization services

-          Demographic and economic factors—families are living more geographically dispersed, therefore the need to be “buried in one’s hometown” is lessening

-          Religious restrictions are diminishing

-          Religious difference are diminishing

-          Education levels have risen and continue to rise

-          “Scattering” is a continuous act of catharsis, if and when needed

Where can ashes be scattered?
The scattering of ashes has become a popularized act among survivors, because it means grieving loved ones have the option to “let go” repeatedly, through many stages of healing. For example, remains can be scattered in part at home, on vacation, on several special dates and holidays… Rather than one burial day (as with traditional burials), loved ones can release their grief and accept death in stages, if so desired. Now, when deciding to scatter your loved one’s ashes, it is important to be aware there are regulations around this act:

Private property: must have permission from the landowner.

National parks: usually this involves a permit and is typically required to be scattered 100 yards or more away from public roads.

Public spaces: locations such as theme parks and sports facilities disallow the scattering of cremains in most areas; seek permission.

Open water: there are specifications regarding a watercraft’s distance from the shoreline—be sure to you understand the laws. The staff at EJ Fielding can help explain this further. Many like the idea of scattering ashes at sea, but do not think about just how far out on the open water the watercraft must be before any ashes go overboard. Also, scattering must be reported to the EPA. If on a public ship, permission must be requested in order to abide by sanitation rules and regulations. Note: only organic, biodegradable materials are allowed to be released into the ocean (cremains, flowers, wreaths, etc.); no urns.

From the air: just as there are regulations when scattering at sea, there are altitude restrictions in some areas. Our staff can help point you in the right direction for resources if scattering from the air is what you’d like to do for your loved one’s cremains.

Why EJ Fielding Funeral Home?

Years of experience in this industry has produced in our staff a collective heart for serving the people in our community. We strive to provide you the freedom to grieve and draw near your friends and family, while we take care of the details and arrangements. Our goal is to provide families with exceptional remembrance ceremonies combined with care, effectiveness, and respect.

Please know cremation services can be easily combined with traditional and non-traditional services. For example, we can combine a traditional open-casket viewing and funeral with cremation to follow, if chosen. Or, we can cremate the remains soon after death to allow you time to create a memorable service days, weeks, months, or even years down the road. This is your loved one, your decision. We are here to support you.

We know that deciding what to do with your loved one’s remains may feel overwhelming. EJ Fielding is here to help lessen the burden and guide you in your decision-making. Perhaps cremation isn’t right for your loved one—that’s okay. Perhaps you aren’t sure how you feel about this option—that’s okay, too. Bring your questions here to us at EJ Fielding Funeral Home. We would be glad to help navigate your concerns and questions, provide support and resources for you, and walk you through each decision, as needed.

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